Le Woef Foundation

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A mission without borders

The Le Woef Foundation has been passionately dedicated to helping underprivileged dogs both in the Netherlands and abroad, for many years. Over 2000 dogs that have found loving homes thanks to their efforts. The Le Woef team travels monthly to countries where help is most urgently needed. In this way, they strive to make a difference, not only mentally, but also physically!

The beginning

What started as a deep passion for dogs for Chabeli Kotte – van de Bunt, eventually evolved into an endless battle against animal suffering. That’s why, together with her husband Maurice Kotte, she founded the Le Woef Foundation in 2017. It’s a foundation that wholeheartedly dedicates itself to stray animals from all over the world. The team now consists of enthusiastic animal lovers, each with their own role, but all sharing the same mission.


We consider it crucial to raise awareness about the animal suffering taking place in the world and why we, where possible, are eager to make a difference. Our main focus is on dogs abroad, and we are particularly active in Romania and Spain. Our primary goal is to reduce the stray dog population. With a fantastic team of veterinarians, staff, and volunteers, we strive to capture as many street dogs as possible every day. Each of them is then individually neutered or spayed, and if necessary, they receive further medical treatments.

A preventive approach

The surplus of dogs in countries like Romania is primarily caused by the population itself. Owning a dog there is not comparable to having a pet as we do. The majority of dogs live on the streets, and those with “owners” often reside outside around the property. As long as these dogs are not sterilized, they can continue to breed continuously. Our mission is to make a difference there as much as possible through sterilization campaigns, providing medical care, and education! We believe that as long as the government does not address this issue at its core, it will persist.

Second chance

In addition to all the stray animals on the streets, most shelters are also overflowing with dogs. Nevertheless, we strive to bring as many social, adoptable dogs to the Netherlands as possible, giving them that ‘second chance’!

We aim to establish similar projects in even more countries in the future, so that more and more people get involved. Because only together can we make a difference!

How can I help?






By contributing to sterilization campaigns, you not only help reduce animal suffering but also contribute to a long-term solution for the global stray dog problem. Your support can truly make a difference!

“We look back on the entire adoption process of our dog Moos with an incredibly positive feeling. I found the personal contact enjoyable, and both before and after the adoption, we received a lot of information and could ask all our questions. The team at Le Woef Foundation is incredibly knowledgeable, positive, enthusiastic, and above all, very committed! They have been very open and honest throughout the entire process. Nothing but praise for the team, and I would recommend Le Woef Foundation to anyone considering giving a dog a chance at a wonderful life through adoption.”

Esra Dorenbos
“What an amazing foundation this is! Not sure where to begin, but what they manage to accomplish is incredibly heartwarming; there is so much love in this. We’ve had our sweet dog Bowy for a few days now, and what a darling he is! Despite the owner being abroad, she guided us so wonderfully through phone calls, etc. Everything was well organized, and Bowy could stay an extra night before we picked him up—how great is that! I recommend this foundation to anyone who wants a beautiful dog from Romania!”
Danielle Stollenberg

“When we were looking for a new dog after our Wouter dog passed away, a friend recommended Stichting Le Woef as very reliable. In October of last year, Sacha came with the happy bus from Romania, and it’s a joy to have her around every day; we love her so much. She is so sweet, endearing, smart, and cheerful every day. The reception in Eemnes was also so warm, and it was evident how much effort they put into immediately lovingly welcoming the dogs after the long journey on the happy bus. I recommend Le Woef to anyone looking for a dog.”

Hennie van Kippersluis

“I will definitely recommend Stichting Le Woef! This foundation does fantastic work!
On December 14, 2022, we adopted Skip. We had no prior experience with dogs and entered into it (in hindsight) a bit naively. It was quite challenging. Ellen Reijn helped us tremendously and was our pillar of support. We took private lessons with her and could reach out to her via text or call 24/7 whenever we needed assistance. Without her, we wouldn’t have made it. We still have a long way to go, but we are crazy about Skip and proud of all the big steps he has taken in a short period. Ellen, thank you so much!”

Fieneke Stuut
“Super organization with a heart for dogs! Stichting Le Woef is truly a fantastic organization! We had been wanting a dog for a while after our old dog passed away in November 2021 after 14 years. We came across these lovely people through Facebook. After filling out the adoption form on the website and a few phone calls about our home situation, we were allowed to come and meet Mila, who Stichting Le Woef had encountered in Romania and had ‘reserved’ for us. They take good care of the animals that are in a tough situation in Romania. They try to reassure the animals and give them a second chance at life. Not only are you guided when adopting a dog, but they also stay in touch afterward about the situation and offer courses given by a specialist in the field of dogs (especially these dogs with potential trauma). Just fantastic!”
Niels Stormbroek
“If you want to adopt a dog through Le Woef, you’re making a very good choice!
What a fantastic foundation! The family of my son’s girlfriend adopted their dog through Le Woef three years ago, and based on their experience, we also became enthusiastic. No choosing a dog solely from a photo, no handover at the airport or highway, and then figuring it out on your own. No, they stand for good guidance from the moment you call about a potential adoption. Truly top-notch! We are extremely happy with our Keetje, aka Viënna, as she is now called. We feel secure because if there’s anything, if we have questions, we have the certainty that we can always turn to them. We say, if you want to adopt a dog, do it through Le Woef. They really do excellent work!”
Melanie Hulscher

“Beautiful foundation, doing amazing work! Our dog Nori is now 1 year old (we got her when she was 4 months) and is doing great. Chabeli is always very helpful, and we are incredibly thankful to dog trainer Ellen for teaching us all the essential things we needed to know to ensure Nori is a happy and healthy dog. They are always willing to help whenever we have questions. Thanks, Le Woef!”

Kim Le

“We adopted our Nova just over a year ago. We were well informed about the initial period, and the day after we picked her up, we received a call asking how the first night had gone. This level of involvement is still evident even now, after one year. Nova has grown from a fearful puppy into a more confident young dog. Throughout the past year, we had lessons from Ellen. When things didn’t go smoothly, we could easily reach out to her with questions. We could also approach the Le Woef team for questions or to join them for a walk with the pack.

Last month, I referred a good friend of mine to Le Woef due to my positive experiences. She now also has a Chien de la Rue and is extremely happy with him! I recommend Stichting Le Woef to everyone.”

Ingelot Doorn
“Absolutely, we highly recommend Stichting Le Woef! What dedication and enthusiasm. Since January, Doortje, our ‘Chien de la Rue,’ has been with us. She is a female of about 2 years old, so we didn’t bring a puppy home but a young lady. Of course, she had to get used to things and learn a few things (eating kibble instead of bread, walking on a leash). But she is such a sweetheart! She has already made friends with our three cat princesses. We are happy with our Door!”
Danielle Dingemans

“What amazing work you do. For several years, I conducted home visits with potential adopters for dogs from Spain and Portugal. And what a success. Of course, I also succumbed myself, and now we have a friend for life in him. It takes time to gain trust, but then you really have a golden dog. Your love and care for these animals shine through. Hats off!”

Margreet Leopold