How Can I Help?

Together, We Can Achieve So Much More!

Rescuing dogs from abroad comes with various costs. These include medical care (they may suffer from injuries, diseases, or neglect), transportation costs (to pick them up and transport them to the vet, as well as the journey to the Netherlands), shelter facilities, and food (we currently have over 480 animals to care for). These costs can be substantial, and it’s crucial to have sufficient financial resources to carry out these operations. And we haven’t even mentioned education and spay & neuter campaigns. So much help is needed, and there are many ways to contribute.


Are you considering adopting a ‘second chance’ dog, or better known as Chien de la Rue? Keep in mind that this is a big step. First and foremost, it’s crucial to find the right match. We will, of course, assist in this process. Often, these dogs have learned little to nothing during their life on the streets, so it’s important to understand that everything takes time. However, if you give your Chien de la Rue the peace and space to develop, you’ll see how this will enrich your lives. They are incredibly grateful for their second chance and will do everything to show you that.

Remote adoption

If, for any reason, you’re unable to bring a dog into your home but would still like to adopt one, you can do so remotely! Adopting a puppy or a dog from a distance, who has been in the shelter for years, is a wonderful way to provide immediate support. To maintain and provide for these animals’ basic needs, financial assistance is crucial. This includes costs for food, medications, a decent shelter, a doghouse, and the occasional extra. Just like with a real adoption, you can choose which dog you want to care for (remotely).


Because we have enormous monthly costs, it can be challenging to set up larger projects. Think of (spay & neuter) campaigns, renovations, medical practices, etc. To carry out such projects, we are looking for companies that want to make a difference in the welfare of stray animals and are willing to sponsor us. In return, we commit to the company for a period and will use our extensive network and broad social media reach to enhance or improve the sponsor’s online image.

Make a Donation

Make a one-time donation and help us give stray dogs abroad a better life! Your donation makes a world of difference for these vulnerable animals. With your support, we can provide sterilization programs, emergency medical care, education, food, and shelter facilities. Together, we can reduce the suffering of dogs and strive for a future where all stray dogs will be loved and cared for. Donate today and give these faithful companions a second chance at a happier life! Do it quickly, do it now!

Help us Help them

Become a donor and help us with a fixed monthly contribution! This allows us to continuously provide the necessary medical care for dogs abroad. It is crucial for rescuing stray animals and improving their living conditions. Many rescued dogs have injuries or illnesses due to abuse, neglect, or life on the streets. They may have wounds, fractures, skin conditions, infections, or internal issues, for example. To consistently provide the best care for street dogs, we rely on our monthly donors.


Temporarily sheltering a dog from an animal rescue center is a valuable way to provide immediate assistance. Keep in mind that this comes with significant responsibility. The goal is to offer the dog a safe and loving place until they find a permanent home. This can significantly help the dog adapt to life in a home environment, as they often have little to no experience with it. Despite the responsibility and sometimes intensive care they may require, it is very fulfilling to contribute to the future of a rescued animal in this way!