Our Mission

Stop Animal Suffering

Awareness and Prevention

We believe it’s crucial for people to become aware of animal suffering in the world. That’s why, where possible, we are eager to make a difference. Our main focus is on dogs abroad, and we are particularly active in Romania and Spain. Our goal is to reduce the stray dog population and making a positive impact on their lives.

With an amazing team of veterinarians, staff, and volunteers, we strive to capture as many street dogs as possible every day. Each of them is then individually neutered or spayed, and if necessary, they receive further medical treatments.

The surplus of dogs in countries like Romania is primarily caused by the population itself. Owning a dog there is not comparable to having a pet as we do. The majority live on the streets, and those with ‘owners’ often reside on or around the property. As long as these dogs are not sterilized, they can continue to breed continuously.

Make a Difference

Our mission is to make a difference there as much as possible through sterilization campaigns, providing medical care, and education! We believe that as long as the government does not address this issue at its core, it will persist.

In addition to all the stray animals on the streets, most shelters in Romania are also overflowing with dogs. The majority are very social, but they can only dream of a better dog life. Nevertheless, we strive to bring as many social, adoptable dogs to the Netherlands as possible, giving them that ‘second chance!’

We aspire to establish similar projects in even more countries in the future, so that more and more people become involved.

Only together can we make a difference!