The Foundation

Together we are Stronger

The Le Woef Foundation was founded with the goal of raising awareness for the significant stray animal problem. We believe that every dog’s life matters! After all, they all deserve to lead a dignified and free life, don’t they?

Medical Care

In places where dogs need us the most, we strive to collaborate as much as possible with people who share the same passion. Since 2018, we have established a partnership with the Center of Hope in Piteasca, Romania.

This clinic was established in 2017, in collaboration with the American organization Romania Animal Rescue, with the aim of providing essential medical care not only to pets but also to all stray animals. To afford this care, we initiated the ‘Homeless Animal Project’ a few years ago.

Since then, animals in need of urgent care are brought in almost daily. This includes illnesses such as Parvo, Babesia, severe injuries from accidents, fights, tumors, or very distressing abuse inflicted by humans. We believe that every animal deserves the same treatment, but to provide this care, financial support is crucial.

Our Hero

In addition to the animal hospital, we support multiple private shelters and local rescue facilities. One, in particular, is Stefan’s. To some, just an elderly man; to us, a true hero! At 72 years old, he is responsible for the care of no less than 350 dogs. Day in and day out, he works tirelessly to provide each animal with their basic needs.

His entire life, he has dedicated himself to saving as many animal lives as possible. A man so passionate and wholeheartedly committed, putting aside his own life for these underprivileged animals, deserves the means to continue his work. Therefore, this shelter relies entirely on our donations, gifts, and medical assistance.

When you adopt a Chien de la Rue from us, you’re not just helping one animal but an entire shelter!